About Us

Guild Information

We’re a guild of ex-hardcore raiders who want like to see content and push ourselves in a raid environment without needing to invest extreme amounts of time into farming daily. We understand that life comes first and we want people to show up because they want to raid with us, not because they fear they’ll lose their raid spot. We have a friendly, somewhat crude, guild environment that turns on the focus mode with it’s time to kill a new raid boss.

  • <Public Intoxication> of Zul’jin-US (PvE), Horde
  • Progression raiding guild
  • Schedule: Tue/Thu/Sun, 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST. We stick strictly to our schedule and do NOT add extra days or time.
  • publicintoxication.org
  • WoW Progress
  • Primary Contact: Aaba @ Aaba#1686